New Office Sneak Peek

Recently, I found myself overwhelmed, unmotivated, and lacking creativity. Seriously, it was inappropriate. So. I turned off my latest Korean drama, put down the Cheez-It's and made the decision to get grown and sexy, stop playing, and set myself up for success. And that's the neat tear-free version of how I arrived at the world wind decision to declutter my life and transform my space. (The longer version involved bouts of open weeping, a relatively short series of "why God why's", alcohol, and several chicken wings.)

First, I challenged myself to renovate efficiently and without breaking the bank. I donated just about all of my old furniture, got several large black trash bags and threw. things. AWAY. (Boo. I was living that pack rat life and it was not cute.) Then the fun began. I put together my Pinterest Board and started to sketch out my design plan. I purchased and then hung some new black and white curtains (side note: the hunt for these was REAL and not safe for small children). I decided to hang them at a higher placement on the wall and OMG, my ceilings look cathedral high. (Okay, maybe not cathedral high but... you get the picture.) Also, another side note: I HATE HANGING CURTAINS, IT IS OF THE DEVIL. Then I bought my statement piece... a fuchsia pink loveseat! I'm still adding the finishing touches (and waiting for my armchairs to arrive), but my boutique style home office is unashamedly feminine and all things girlboss. I'm so in love with it already that naturally, I couldn't wait to share a sneak peek! 

My style choice for the space is old Hollywood #blackgirlmagic meets the modern #girlboss. A carryover from my old space are several black and white photos of some of my favorite starlets from the 'golden age' of Hollywood. I've chosen open shelving and added mirrored surfaces to create the appearance of more open space. I've also taken the plunge and gotten myself a REAL plant. I love her! She's a majesty palm and she's gorgeous and adds a calming natural element into my space. Bold, clean, and unashamedly feminine, my new home office will be finished in the coming weeks and I promise to do a full reveal then. Stay tuned!