Thank you so much for stopping by! Welcome to my one-woman photography & graphic design studio. I specialize in brand styling, web design, print design, & headshot photography. I bet you're wondering why I call myself a "late bloomer" amiright? Well. I started my professional journey exclusively as an actress and singer, and discovered my passion for photography and graphic design a bit later. Once I realized how much I was enjoying myself designing things for people and shooting photos of wonderful faces, I went back to school.

I self acknowledge my "late bloomer" status and view it as a strength rather than as a weakness. My real world experiences in the entertainment industry have given me an upfront understanding of the quality of material one needs in order to slay while telling the world who you are and what you do. 

As a creative professional, I geek out over striking photography and aesthetically pleasing design that uses beautiful color pairings, perfect font styling, and pretty patterns. I connect with every project I accept and my goal is to always try and create something that will bring your unique story to life in a compelling way.


When I’m not designing or shooting photos, you can usually find me in rehearsals for a professional production, or narrating an audiobook! I adore being an actress, and if you’re interested, you can follow along on that journey with me here.

I absolutely love what I do and the balance that I’ve been able to find in my life, blending my experiences as an actress with my new(ish) passion for design and photography. In the spirit of keeping it real, trust me when I say that the bloom has fallen off of my professional little peony more times then I care to count! (lol) BUT, the invaluable lessons I've learned along the way have provided me with hard won seeds of wisdom that I'm happily cultivating into my own little late blooming garden of endless possibility. 

Thank you for reading, let’s work together and become BFF’s.