Why you need a designer

My quick two cents about why you should invest in a good Website Designer.

Okay so, you need a website. In the spirit of keeping it real, there are SO many companies advertising “do it yourself” (DIY) solutions…When I see the ads I scream NOOOOO!!! at my TV... Let me put it like this, if you need surgery and you are NOT a surgeon, would you pull out a scalpel and operate on yourself? Sooo if you need a website and you are NOT a Website Designer, WHY in the name of all that is HTML would you attempt to design your own website? You will more than likely find yourself overwhelmed and nursing a bald spot where you have pulled out a good portion of your hair. Almost every ill-advised website DIY situation I've seen has been a hot, confusing, seizure-inducing, MESS. Photographs are distorted or pixelated, there are 15 different fonts, information isn’t easy to read or find, the site is difficult to navigate (because it has 15 million pages), the color scheme looks like a rainbow threw up, links are inactive, and frustrated visitors immediately come to the conclusion that you cannot possibly be serious about yourself.

I absolutely do NOT want that to be your testimony. So. Here’s the deal. GET. SERIOUS. INVEST IN YOURSELF by investing in my skill as your trusted website designer. I’ve already spent the hours/days/months/years of research and study in this field so that you won’t have to. My process is fun, efficient, super satisfying, and affordable. AAAND when it’s all said and done, you can actually maintain your own website. You’ll be excited to hand people that business card and share your website on social media. With me on your team, you will have the confidence and the security of a well designed website that gets your message out in a cohesive, stylish, efficient (insert all the good adjectives here) way. Are you ready for success? Then let’s DO this already! Let’s get started on your amazing story today.